Family Special! 3 Super 120's Wool Suits $349.99!

Family Special! 3 Super 120's Wool Suits $349.99!
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  • Item #: FMSPCL120
TSG Menswear is new on the discount suit block but we intend to stay for a while! MSRP on Super 120's Wool Men's Suits is $400-$500! We sell three of them for less than that! Don't get sucked in by a "Two for one" sale! If they are selling Super 120's Wool Suits at two for one, they will still be $600! We don't know of any body offering even two suits of this quality for this price, much less three! Pick any three of our wide range of colors and take your wardrobe to the next level overnight!
  • Fully Lined Jacket:
  • Pants Lined to the Knee:
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Price $1,299.99