3 Super 140's Merino Wool Suits for $419.00!

3 Super 140's Merino Wool Suits for $419.00!
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  • Item #: GRPPC140M
If you have ever worn Super 140's Merino Wool before, you know how nice it is. And you know $419 is a steal for even one Super 140's Merino Wool suit. Super 140's Merino Wool is some of the world's best suit material! Soft, supple and oh so fine, these suits "fall" off of you like the ones your favorite celebrities wear on TV. They are as nice as any you will find anywhere. Our buyer wears these suits exclusively. One of our rivals sews his own label into these suits and sells them for $1000! Once you put one on, you will see why. This is an unbelievable way to add another level of depth and quality to your wardrobe at an unbelievable price!
  • Actual Client Pictured!:
  • Fully Lined Jacket:
  • Pants Lined to the Knee:
  • Stretch Armhole for Added Comfort:
  • Super 140's Merino Wool:
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Price $1,299.00